Why Ink-Free Tattooers Are Not Interesting

Why Ink-Free Tattooers Are Not Interesting

Tattooing is more than a job that needs to do occasionally. It is a lifestyle career that involves giving up all your free time to focus on perfecting the skill to become the best you could ever be in the art industry. Though not only about drawing or merely painting, tattooing is also about working with the human skin. When you start, there’s a guarantee that you will not be pulling out really nice tattoos because it’s a learning process that takes time to master. Often, those wanting to get ink onto their bodies decide to consider whether to get their tats done by an artist with tattoos or without.

Tattoo artists are willing to redraw the same design often by changing the smallest details that might be hard to spot out by someone who is not in that industry. Changing miniature details represents a whole new design on the skin drawing and brings unique outlooks. However, clients will come to a tattoo artist with many crazy ideas for tattoos, most likely those they have seen in celebrity magazines or people of influence. Therefore, a tattoo artist would need to redirect their vision and tell them what will actually work, what actually would flow properly with their body type or skin color. For example, choosing to use a needle or a brush depends on specific designs.

Customers are skeptical about tattoo artists

Artists who do not have any piercing onto their body are quite interesting, plus they display a lack of knowledge or appreciation of the work they claim to be good at. Like in other arts, the one delivering a service must be eager to possess what they are offering. If they have a tattoo on their bodies, it is not the artist’s work but rather somebody else. That does not prove whether the artist is good or bad at what he does because he is advertising other people’s works, which could negatively impact their enterprise. Self-advertisement is crucial to perfecting a skill you would like to sell to people.

Customers are skeptical about tattoo artists who do not have tattoos themselves because it sounds like a guy who is not passionate enough. It shows that he lacks love or passion for the art that defines his profession and just doing his job over some personal income-generating ventures that could only benefit them. Passion is everything when it comes to perfecting a skill like tattooing. It leads you to want to learn more about the field to grow into understanding how to become a better artist over time. Whether they are unable to find the right fellow artist for designing specific tattoos for them or not, it is strange to see a professional tattoo artist without one themselves.

Why Ink-Free Tattooers Are Not Interesting

This raises a question to those clients wanting his service in a way that, if he is an artist, he could create something for himself or even direct someone to do it on his body. Ink-free tattooers are seen to be not appreciating what the industry offers and a lack of artistic experience. With so much demand for tattoos, it doesn’t seem so difficult to find a tattoo artist that can give his fellow artist something good. Advertising Is everything to a business to survive. By beating other competitors in the game, tattooers need to have their work visible onto their skin to show people how comfortable the service provisions are.

The tattoo on an artist gives clients the chance to evaluate how good the artist’s work is, his tastes in ink, and levels of expertise. He would know what it entails to sit on the chair feeling the pain when getting tattooed. With this knowledge, tattoo artists with tattoos themselves easily relate with what their clients want and best work on them, known as the pain or relief thereafter. Clients have to see beforehand what they could be getting out by first viewing samples of work. It also indicates experience levels, and a customer would be assured of getting a good body ink willing to pay for.

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