The Meaning of Queen of Spade Tattoo

The Meaning of Queen of Spade Tattoo

Even though spade tattoo is not as common as thought, today some individuals still have them for reasons well known to them. A spade tattoo has several connotations that people can draw from the owners, including military meaning, divinity, love and relationships among others. To have an ideal meaning of such a symbol will require a keen analysis including a study of finner details included like numbers. The spade symbolizes the guard, while the spear they carry is a way of offering protection to the castle and the whole kingdom that it reigns over. On selection, Queen of Spades, QoS, tattoos are usually reserved for white female and are represented with an upper case ‘Q’ done together with a spade symbol to show the queen card.

Before moving deeper, it is significant

Before moving deeper, it is significant to first get intuitive knowledge of what exactly the symbol of QoS is. The Queen in contemporary society is a white girl, either a wife, sister, mom, girlfriend, schoolmate or just a friend or a stranger who is loyal and committed to her bull. The Spade is used here to represent the cock of a dark man the bull who’s a dark man with dominant, alpha features. He has a big, long, wide cock that can effectively satisfy her all night long. That explains why the Queens crave affection with the bulls.

These Queen of Spades tattoos can

These Queen of Spades tattoos can be done temporarily or permanently on the bodies of ladies to display a message they desire to pass across. This symbol can either be worn as a tattoo or be branded on a piece of cloth, jewelry or embedded on any other material to pass the meaning. Any lady wearing the symbol connotes that she craves, love and desires black bulls or black men for that case. However, a woman exposing her Queen of Spades tattoo means that she is craving sex from black men at that particular time. But if the woman is married then her husband is considered the cuckold and in that case, he should understand his position well by stepping back while never interfering with his wife’s aggressive advances towards black bulls. Therefore, it is not common to find a lady openly disclosing her desires by publicly displaying her QoS mark, but the porn culture is notable for popularizing QoS.

The Meaning of Queen of Spade Tattoo

Women with enough courage can be spotted in clubs wearing QoS mark to express to black how they desire to be intimate with them. In such a case, there is no need for any kind of discussion or talks to seduce the lady into sleeping with them, blacks are already given the freedom to make intimate advances to such ladies. The best characteristics of a man that can effectively satisfy these ladies include, those with an extremely well hung, and athletic dark body. In case the wife gets black-bred pregnant as a result of single or multiple inseminations for cases of group sexing, all the responsibility, as a result, will transfer to the weak bull. He’ll then be expected to provide, support and raise her mixed children as though they were his own. He will not know or care to find out the biological father of those children.

If you happen to marry a QoS wife, then it is advisable to remain submissive by showing her that you love her the way she is. You must accept your position as a weak bull and allow her to pursue sexual advances from stronger bulls. Clarify to her that you have no problem with the way she behaves, that will make her feel comfortable and love you even more. Additionally, it is recommended to give her some freedom by going on a business trip alone or vacationing alone to allow her time with her strong bulls. That way your wife will get sexual satisfaction from the strong dark men and will love you even as she loves them more, keeping your marriage intact.

Generally, a QoS tattoo is worn by ladies who are very intimate for dark men and would fall in a sexual relationship immediately they are approached by such male characters. Even though it is normally tattoed, but it is common to find it designed on clothes or even jewelry to pass the same message to strong males. Many females fear expressing out their desire through the QoS tattoo.

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