The Examples of Tattoos

The Examples of Tattoos

When you have a great passion for Bitcoin, you can showcase this by branding that feeling on your skin. Through Bitcoin tattoos, it will be easier to tell people what Bitcoin entails as tattoos tend to catch people’s attention easily. That will make a person interested in Bitcoin, making them venture into it. People have Bitcoin tattoos to show appreciation for the way it has transformed their lives. They might have earned huge profits from investing in Bitcoin, which motivated them to have its accessories tattooed on their skin.

As a merchant, you can decide to tattoo your Bitcoin address like Nai Saephan, who chose to have his public address tattooed on him. He tattooed his public address with the words ‘Bitcoin accepted here embedded below the address’. Saephan wanted to make a clear representation of how Bitcoin can be used in businesses which got investors interested in it. When your address tattoo is well-crafted, you can get paid by having the tattoo scanned. It will save you the work of reproducing your address when you want to receive a payment. You can choose a simple design of the logo or have it designed in a complex way.

Another proof of devotion to Bitcoin

A person can have a simple Bitcoin logo to show their support for this cryptocurrency. People can have a Bitcoin emblem tattooed on any part of their body. To make this more exciting, you can have your Bitcoin tattoo paid for using Bitcoins. This would mean that you choose a tattoo shop that allows the use of Bitcoin for payment. Bitcoin logo can be designed in different creative ways taking different forms. A Bitcoiner from the United States had a Bitcoin logo tattooed on their skin, and to showcase his great passion for Bitcoin, he also had his car given a Bitcoin license plate.

Another proof of devotion to Bitcoin was a Bitcoin lifer tattoo. This showed the person’s effort to believe in the continuous growth of Bitcoin. Since various people did not believe that Bitcoin would make a breakthrough, a Bitcoin for life tattoo gave them hopes. A Bitcoin lifer tattoo is a sign that an investor believes in the success of Bitcoin, which will never come to an end.

The Examples of Tattoos

After the prices of Bitcoin spiked, the father and son decided to have a similar tattoo of Bitcoin. They choose to match their Bitcoin tattoos, showcasing their love for Bitcoin. The tattoo had a space rock which showed that the value of Bitcoin could increase significantly. This tattoo was done simultaneously on their backs, showing the passion a father and his son had for Bitcoin.

The encryption matters tattoo with a Bitcoin logo engraved in a lock showcased how secure Bitcoin transactions were. This tattoo was made on the left arm of an investor who wanted to assure others that Bitcoin is completely secure. After realizing that it is rare occasions in which Bitcoin transactions get compromised, the encryption matters tattoo was an inspiration for investors who had lost their money to fraudsters before.

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