Tattoos Are Not for Children

Tattoos Are Not for Children

The opinion of other people regarding your kids’ preferences does not matter unless it has something to do with their well-being. As mentors of decent minds, the concern in shaping a good mindset of the children is paramount than gratifying their wants. That is what a responsible dad or mom should do, especially when their child is associating with bad influences beyond their control to prevent. There is no greater privilege to be a steward of young minds to preserve them for greater purposes. If adults’ reprimands are for the greater good of children then there is no issue in doing that. When adults’ reprimands are for the greater good of children, then there is no issue in doing that unless they are contributing false ideologies to them. Wisdom should not be withheld from anyone who possessed it since wisdom is meant to be shared for edification.

Kids have decent minds prone to

Kids have decent minds prone to honest mistakes or guiltless decision-making, as children learn new things every day; adults should never disrupt their inspiration, even if it is impossible. The only time adults should interfere is when the thoughts are misguided to a different direction that may lead to immorality, false knowledge, or toxic thinking. The idea of having a tattoo is something derived from what children see to other people who have tattoos. Wanting to have a tattoo is just a childish notion without a second thought, especially if that is said by a child. Tattoos are painful, as it is not recommendable for children because of their thin layer of skin. The natural response of adults may sound rude to any child because of opposition, but reprimands were meant to correct what is wrong, not to worsen them. The point of lecturing kids about why it is bad to have a tattoo will edify their honest intention of liking it only for art.

There is no need to be

There is no need to be physical in giving correction since such action will only cause trauma, plant hatred in their hearts. You will do more damage than having a tattoo for children because an emotional scar will last for a lifetime than a physical injury. Tattoos may permanently mark on the skin, but the pain will only last for a few days, and the actions made to correct them will form questions that will be answered in later life. Even adults need to be careful with the words uttered to kids, as the ears are so open while listening, for every word said will be remembered, and there is no remedy that will make them forget.

Tattoos Are Not for Children

Is having a tattoo bad? It depends on the belief and age of the person. Kids are not supposed to have tattoos until they are old enough to have them and to make decisions without their parent’s consent. Even if children are old enough to have a tattoo, if there is respect to the parents, consent is still important and appreciated. Since tattoos are considered art, such a concept is still not enough to pierce a needle with ink on a child’s skin. If it is necessary for other people to interfere with a child’s attempt to have a tattoo, then be it. The kids’ well-being is more important than any ego who would allow it. Adults will restrain the child or report them to their guardians unless it is the parents who encourage them to have one.

It is absurd to think that the guardians of the children are the ones who pushed them, for it could be remarked as abuse. Let there be clarity between deprivation and protection of life since prevention can sometimes be perceived as a bad action, instead of good. Who would want their child to be in pain? Only the psychos would do that. Being a parent will do the things that may hurt the feelings of their children temporarily just to protect them from things that would hurt them for a lifetime.

A painful duty to defy what children think to be genuine happiness since a simple mistake can cause great regrets in life, and the job of the parents to prevent that from happening regardless of negative feedback from their kids. Inevitable circumstances happen, and nothing can prevent it, as parents will have to choose hard decisions that may jeopardize a sweet bond just to save a child’s better future.

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